Herrens Mark – dietary supplements for women

A micro company producing organic herbal extracts collaborated with a university and the positive results increased the demand for its products - thus generating the need for investments to increase the company’s production capacity.

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Project summary: 

The beneficiary is an ecologically driven farm that produces dandelion and red clover extracts, which are sold in the country's health food stores. In recent years, the farm has entered into collaboration with Aarhus University Hospital in order to investigate the effects of red clover extract on the reduction of hot flushes amongst women in menopause and the slowing down of the development of osteoporosis.

The research has been extremely successful and published in international health journals in the spring of 2017. The beneficiary has therefore experienced a substantial increase in demand and therefore been given a subsidy aimed at increasing production facilities and storage capacity.

Project results: 
  • In the summer 2017, the farm produced 300.000 litres of red clover extract and expects to increase that production next year.
  • Created 2 additional jobs.
  • Increased by 49% the yearly revenue.
  • Increased by 40% the gross profits.
  • Increased by 79% the farm’s result before taxes.