Härkis Ltd. – Setting up a factory to process Fava Beans

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The construction of a new production facility to process minced fava beans and to take advantage of the market shift from meat to plant-based protein foods.

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Project summary: 

The demand for plant-based protein foods is growing rapidly around the world. Verso Food Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer, seller and marketer of bean products, such as Härkis and Verso, which are market leaders in Finland in new plant-based protein foods. In order to meet the demand for Finnish markets and, above all, to move towards export markets, increased production capacity was needed.  
Verso Food Ltd. is the main owner of Härkis Ltd., which was set up to serve the chain of Verso Food Oy's subcontractors around the world. It received Rural Development Programme (RDP) support for the construction of a factory to produce minced fava beans in Kauhava. The new facility will support the whole chain of plant-based protein food products. 

Project results: 

After two years of operation the estimated turnover will be 4 000 000 EUR.
20 new employees will be contracted for production once the factory is up and running.