HAPPYTERR – Innovative and Territorial Farmers’ Alliance for the Successful Renewal of Agriculture

A project to enhance the capacity of a social enterprise that supports new entrants in agriculture without any previous experience or linkages to the sector. 

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Project summary: 

The ‘Coopérative d' Installation en Agriculture Paysanne’ (CIAP) is a social enterprise in the western part of France (Grand Ouest), which supports new entrants in agriculture who have no previous experience in agriculture or linkages to rural areas. CIAP provides support to access land and financing and offers training courses, local contacts and ongoing business support to ensure farms’ viability throughout the beginning stages of their establishment. 
The HAPPYTERR project was set up in order to enhance the capacity of actors brought together by CIAP through the creation of an observatory at regional level. It is aimed at exploring factors that affect the sustainability of new farms as well as identifying inspiring examples for dissemination from research on relevant social structures.

Project results: 

From an economic perspective, the project HAPPYTERR will strengthen the capacity of CIAP to financially secure the set-up of new entrants in agriculture, who would not be able to access financing without CIAP’s support.
There is no quantifiable objective related to the number of new farms to be supported, but currently CIAP cannot meet the growing demand. Thus, HAPPYTERR aims to increase CIAP’s capacity.
From a social perspective, the CIAP project stimulates job creation.
CIAP has supported 275 projects, of which 237 are new organic farms, 45 are collectives and 200 of these projects operate within local food supply chains.