Grily Naturae - kmetija Osterc – Investing in organic lavender production

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A family farm converted to organic lavender farming in order to diversify their offer of products and services in an environmentally sustainable way.

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Project summary: 

The Osterc farm is located in the village of Vučja Vas, north-eastern Slovenia, and has been managed by the family for over five generations. In recent years, they decided to convert to eco-friendly farming and use this as a catalyst for increasing their revenue and getting closer to their local community and customers. In spring 2016, they planted their first batch of lavender and in 2017 the lavender plantation started receiving RDP support for organic farming.
The family farm used the organic lavender production as a basis to enhance and diversify the range of products and services they offer, making a series of investments using their own savings.

Project results: 

Investments in organic lavender production have enabled the farm to create a new range of products (e.g. cosmetic products, dried flowers used in cooking or for decoration, cider vinegar seasoned with lavender, etc.) as well as a programme of hands-on experiences for customers. The farm organises events related to the lavender plantation including soap-making workshops and distillation process demonstrations; a festival; lavender yoga and meditation classes; a lavender Family Day; lavender photography and cuisine courses.
The farm increased its revenue by at least 100%. As the plantation is still young, its fertility is expected to increase over time, leading to increased volumes of lavender and lavender products.