Green Future Munter - Germany

MUNTER integrates objectives for water, soil and flood protection with broader objectives such as climate protection, biodiversity and animal welfare.

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Project summary: 

The EIP-AGRI Operational Group MUNTER developed a management template for farmers and communities to implement increased environmental protection along with nature conservation, crop production and livestock farming.
The project also tested new formats for knowledge exchange among stakeholders and developed tools to support these participative processes.

Project results: 

For the first time, farmers, municipalities, water managers, nature conservationists and authorities worked out new multi-use concepts and implemented them together.
Flood prevention concepts included income diversification opportunities from agroforestry and biomass production. These also result in reduced hydrocarbon fuel requirements, through use of materials as biofuels.
As a result of the cooperation between these partners, the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture of Rhineland-Palatinate are encouraging similar flood risk reduction projects across the area.