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On farm care is a new type of service which can help farms diversify while significantly contributing to a more natural rehabilitation process for people in need.

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Project summary: 

Nature assisted rehabilitation is very beneficial for people who suffer from mental illnesses or stress-related problems. This type of support is a good opportunity for farms to diversify and create new sources of income. Significant is also that public institutions will embrace this emerging type of care.

The project sought to promote this concept nation wide and for this it offered training courses to the participating enterprises and organised networking meetings. Training courses focused on preparing business plans, law, economics, public procurement procedures, developing new care products and techniques, etc. The project also arranged information meetings and study trips, and developed contacts through regional meetings with municipalities in order to promote this new business model.

Project results: 

The project involved 160 rural enterprises of which 120 enterprises attended the courses.

It generated 15 – 20 new enterprises, and more than 30 new techniques and products for on farm care.

Half of the participating enterprises have applied for the certification.

The training will continue to be offered totally financed by course fees.