The Greek Red Cow Breed Kastorias - Kristallopigis

project focusing on the protection and promotion of a breed of cattle specific to Western Macedonia, the Greek Red Kastoria-Kristalopigi cow.

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Project summary: 

In the past, livestock breeders would randomly cross domestic breeds with imported males of different breeds. The results were often unsuccessful.  Many of the cross breeds had health problems or genetic anomalies and were not adapted to the local environment, or to the needs of the farmers. Most significantly, this practice was eroding the local genetic resources and pushing domestic breeds to the verge of extinction. This project focused on the identification and registration of genealogical data about the Greek Red Kastoria-Kristalopigi cow, a breed that is fully adapted to pastures of Western Macedonia. Project activities included registration of the breed's genealogy, selection and reproduction of the most productive animals, body measurements, meat quality control, blood sampling, commination and promotion activities.

Project results: 

Specimens of the Greek Red Kastoria-Kristalopigi cow are ear tagged with a code number for automatic identification.

A breed register has been prepared with the purpose of issuing genealogy certificates (pedigrees).

Increased the number of young farmers that use this breed (from 27 to 42 breeders).

Increased the number of animals from 1 336 to 2 200.