Goodies from the Farm

The “Gutes vom Bauernhof” website and mobile application aimed to improve direct marketing in the farm sector in Austria. 

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Project summary: 

Direct networking activities between marketing providers and consumers are very important and should be further developed and promoted. Using the website and the app, consumers learn where it is possible to shop for regional products in their surrounding area.

The high-tech EAFRD project allows consumers to receive up to date information about what type of produce is on offer in different locations, the opening hours for the outlets, and even navigation options to help ensure that customers can easily find the food products they are searching for. The main aim of the project is to increase sales of Austrian farm products.

Project results: 

The number of app users is steadily on the rise. Up to now, the app has been downloaded by about 16 000 users.

In autumn 2013, the “Schmankerl Radar” was nominated for the Austrian Climate Protection Award in the category Climate Protection in Agriculture among 230 projects submitted.

Goods can now be searched within a 2 to 15km range from approximately 1 400 farms with farmgate sales (also Bauer stores), 175 wine taverns, 80 supermarkets with Bauer shelves, 370 farmers’ markets and 1 160 AMA Gastro Seal taverns / pubs.