Set up an operational group to improve the efficiency of the fruit production sector in Spain by developing new approaches for joint management of farms.

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Project summary: 

‘Go Innoland’ is an operational group that was set up to address the structural problems faced by the traditional fruit production sector (citrus fruits, vineyards and other fruits) in Spain. The operational group was a multidisciplinary team that brought together different approaches. Its aim was to develop and propose new mechanisms for common management of farm plots, based on corporativism and hence, increase competitiveness among horticultural enterprises.

The project organised a series of meetings, workshops and debates with technicians and experts in rural development, the agri-food sector and the economy. It also created a space to exchange experiences and establish a network that fosters entrepreneurship based on a Common Land Management (ICLM) approach.

Project results: 

Joint management made it possible to improve farms’ efficiency, reduce production costs and avoid the abandonment of marginalised plots. Furthermore, the farms’ improved performance encourages generational renewal.

Revitalisation of agricultural activity can have a significant impact on other sectors such as tourism or gastronomy. In Marina Alta Region (Alicante), opportunities in the tourism sector have been linked to agri-food activity, biodiversity and landscapes.