Getting access to rural broadband for an isolated rural community

A local association used EAFRD support to get broadband coverage in a rural area which was previously lacking any access to internet or telephone connection.

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Project summary: 

The traditional villages of Ibiza and Formentera islands are very dispersed. This makes access to essential services, such as internet access, very difficult. This is the case of Rafal Trobat, Ibiza. It is a set of deep valleys between mountains without conventional telephone or internet coverage. The inhabitants of these valleys, scattered in isolated houses suffer from the lack of such services, especially when compared to those living in urban areas.

To address this problem the ‘Association of Rafal Trobat neighbours’ used EAFRD support to install two general antennas to bring broadband coverage into the valleys. Individual antennas where also installed to capture the signal of the general antennas, thus providing internet coverage and fixed telephony to all houses in the area.

Project results: 

Internet coverage and fixed telephony became available to all households in the area, about 50 rural homes, in total.

This type community initiative became a benchmark to the whole rural population of the territory.