Gasthof Bräu – seminar and co-working space

The Gasthof Bräu project has restored an old country inn to provide professional working spaces at the heart of a rural village.

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Project summary: 

The Gasthof Bräu project restored the country inn at the heart of the village of Munderfing in Upper Austria in order to create a modern community facility and dedicated business space adapted for meetings, seminars, and co-working.

The project involved restoration of all internal structures according to an agreed architectural design and installation of furnishings and a new heating system. Support from LEADER was used specifically for the purchase of technical equipment to enable professional business use of the premises for individuals and companies.

Project results: 
  • A restored country inn acting as a community and business hub in Munderfing.
  • Availability of seminar and co-working spaces including technical equipment such as a beamer, projection screen and sound system.
  • Another step to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of the municipality and revitalise the local core.