GAL’otte – fostering networking between citizens

A mini-foodtruck called GAL’otte is fostering citizens’ exchanges and social cohesion in Pays de Herve, by preparing and baking pizza together with the citizens.

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Project summary: 

In order to foster citizens’ interaction and social cohesion in Pays de Herve, the LAG offers to prepare and cook pizza, together with citizens, with a mini-foodtruck called GAL’otte. Its outings are synchronized with local public events where it offers a convivial space for networking and exchanges between citizens and local stakeholders.

Project results: 

As of September 2017, 5 municipalities hosted the GAL’otte for fostering local initiatives and 3 others will do so during Autumn.

The number of participants varies between 15 and 45, according to the scope of each local event.