Forest games – funny & money in the woods

Using digital technologies to re-establish the connection between young people and forests.

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Project summary: 

Forestry is one of the most important industries in Finland. At the same time, also due to urbanisation, people and especially young ones are losing their relationship with the forests. In order to re-establish the connection between people and the forests a forest owners’ association planned and launched eight forest game tracks in eight municipalities in two years.

Project activities included both field work as well as the development of digital applications, including a GPS-based game application, air footage of the game tracks, track guidance on video clips etc.

Project results: 
  • Six forest game tracks have already been completed and two more will be finished soon.
  • 2 700 pupils participated and their feedback has been very encouraging.
  • Some 200 adults have also been testing the service with positive feedback.
  • The project owner, Päijät-Häme Forest Owners’ Association extend its networks to youth work, in good cooperation with other local associations.