In the footsteps of the old flavours of Przeworsk county

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A project that aimed to mobilise society, build inter-generational cooperation and promote the region’s culinary tradition as means to preserve its cultural heritage.

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Project summary: 

Preserving the cultural heritage of a region is important, especially in an era of globalisation and the outmigration of younger people from rural areas to urban centres. This project emerged to address the need to involve the local community in order to nurture local traditions and promote the culinary identity of the region.
The project provided culinary workshops for schoolchildren and the production of a publication entitled 'In the footsteps of the old flavours of Przeworsk county’.

Project results: 

The publication ‘In the Footsteps of Old Flavours of Przeworsk County’ became one of the region's showpieces and continues to attract interest in the regions culinary identity.
The first 1000 copies of the book ran out very quickly. An additional 500 copies were printed using Przeworks County’s own resources and the demand still remains high. 
The project activities raised the profile of the regional culinary tradition, thus serving to improve the quality of life and working conditions for rural residents. 
The involvement of various age groups in the project, made it possible to transfer the values and culture of Przeworsk, which are very important for the preservation of local identity.