Food and people

A project to shorten the value chain from the farm to the consumer, to increase the availability of high-quality, local foods and to increase local business profitability.

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Project summary: 

This project enabled the micro social enterprise Mad og Mennesker ApS (Food & People) to become established at Grønnessegaard Manor. The purpose of the initiative, and the company itself, is to increase awareness about the local food products available in Halsnæs, while creating local employment through socio-economic and outreach/inclusion activities. 

The project consisted of renovating an empty agricultural building and establishing facilities - for food handling, processing, storage and distribution - which can be used collectively by local producers. An important part of the initiative is the demonstration and dissemination of knowledge regarding sustainable food production and dietary health.

Project results: 

The Grønnessegaar communal processing facility was set up, ensuring that European standards for food safety can be adhered to by small local producers

The development, marketing, processing and distribution of two innovative, locally-sourced products (the Halsnæs food box and the Halsnæs Christmas box) is all managed at the Grønnessegaar facility

Local producers – who would not otherwise have the capacity to operate in this way – now have the advantage of a professional web shop and showroom / farm shop to facilitate the sale of their products.

Eight months after the completion of the project, the social enterprise has created one fixed work position as well as 2-3 flexible work roles.