Flora Aromatica Santaluce testing a model for the promotion of a territory

A cooperation project contributed to the development of a local value chain and created new diversified income opportunities in agriculture and agritourism.

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Project summary: 

Based on a detailed scoping process this cooperation project set up a new value chain centred on aromatic herbs (lavender). The project activities contributed to the creation of new sources of income in the area both from agriculture and agritourism.

Project results: 

Local farms now collectively produce approximately 800 litres of essential lavender oil annually with an average gross margin of EUR 1 000 per ha.

Lavender cultivation has created a new agritourism dynamic with some 1 000 tourists a day visiting the area during the six-week flowering period of the lavender crops. 

Two of the farms which are part of the project partnership have converted to organic farming.