Fighting against soil erosion in Mayotte (LESELAM)

A cooperation project brought together local farmers, inhabitants and public services managers to jointly define and promote soil preservation technics adapted to the local environment.

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Project summary: 

The French overseas’ island of Mayotte is confronted with significant soil erosion problems.  Contributing factors apart from environmental conditions like high slopes, intensive rainfalls, etc., are the demographic explosion and consequent urban expansion, as well as harmful agricultural practices (slash and burn).

This project aims at involving local stakeholders in defining and implementing farming practices that limit soil erosion. The 3 years project includes 3 majors steps. During the first step an automatic hydro-meteorological and sediment concentration network on 3 pilot catchment areas was established. The second step concerns communication and information activities targeting farmers, inhabitants and managers of public services in catchment areas.

The third and last phase concerns the implementation, monitoring and participatory assessment of pilot actions on demonstrations plots based on landscape and soil conservation techniques identified during the workshops with local stakeholders.

Project results: 

•  Established 3 water and sediment monitoring stations

•  One farm plot equipped with monitoring station

•  Organised 7 local workshops

•  Between 10 to 20 participants per workshop

•  10 farmers participated to pilot actions

•  2 ‘external’ communications activities carried out (schools, etc.)

•  8 advertising panels set up