The FarmPEAT Arts Competition: ‘Love Your Wellies’

An EIP AGRI Operational Group designed an arts competition to increase awareness among young people about the environmental impacts of intensively farming peat soils.

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Project summary: 

FarmPEAT is a European Innovation Partnership Project that works with farmers to come up with innovative methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from farmed peat soils. Community support is essential if a project like FarmPEAT is to have lasting positive effects. With this aim, the project organised an arts competition as a way to inform young people and their communities about the activities of the project and highlight to them how local actions have global significance.

Project results: 

Over 1 000 schools were reached nationally, and the competition reach on social media was over 576 000. This was all achieved on a budget of under EUR 2 000.

The competition increased the visibility of the FarmPEAT Project, through a dramatic increase in followers on its Twitter and Facebook accounts (162% and 265% respectively over the period of the competition).