Farmers of Amstel

Amstelland Natuurzuivel is a cooperative of farmers in the Amstelland region who set up a milk factory to produce regional dairy products for the Amsterdam area.

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Project summary: 

Amstelland Natuurzuivel is a cooperative of twenty dairy farms in the Amstelland region. They decided to set up a collective milk processing factory in order to supply their milk to Amsterdam and the surrounding areas.

The farmers will receive a slightly higher price for their milk due to their close proximity to the customers. This higher price will allow them to operate in a way that is less intensive and more conducive to the sustainable management of valuable meadow bird areas.

Project results: 

The project supported the establishment of a new dairy factory, that will increase profitability for local farmers while enabling sustainable environmental management.

The new milk processing factory will create 3 full-time jobs at the start of the project and potentially another 5 jobs within 5 years.