Farm Yard Ales Microbrewery

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Support from the rural development programme for England enabled an entrepreneur to upgrade his ales brewing business.

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Project summary: 

Steven Holmes has a keen passion for brewing ales. He lacked the adequate brewing facilities to brew his own ales on a large scale, wanting to use the water found on the family farm to create craft ales. The project activities included the construction of a purpose built brewery, installation of a brew plant and the purchase of casks in which to store and distribute the product.

Project results: 
  • A wide range of ales are currently produced and as a result of the project, the business is aiming to;
  • Create 5 full-time jobs over the next 3 years;
  • Use the farms own malting barley crop for brewing;
  • Use spent grain and hops as farmyard feed;
  • Trade effluent to a local anaerobic digester to produce green energy.