Facilitation and production of artistic work for gender equality

LEADER support for an arts in education project that promotes gender quality among school children in rural areas.

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Project summary: 

The local action group GAL du Velay decided to launch a project to introduce gender equality as a topic in local primary schools. The project aimed to respond to evidence showing that girls living in rural areas - compared to those living in urban areas - tend to limit their professional ambitions to “traditional” and stereotypical female roles.

The project’s activities included training for school teachers, the sourcing of appropriate facilitation material (i.e. children’s books on gender equality), the design of creative sessions for the students and also communication and dissemination activities within the local community.

Project results: 

223 hours were delivered by CIDFF in order to manage the project and train 8 adults

84 children participated in the project (44 girls and 40 boys)

A short video was produced in 2016 containing interviews with several participants.