Expansion & modernisation of a sheep farm

A market-driven investment to increase a sheep farm’s competitiveness, through the intensification of high quality organic milk production.

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Project summary: 

The beneficiary ‘Kamelia-Vasil Getov 1’ Ltd. is a registered farmer with over 15 years of experience in grain and sheep milk production. The farmer wanted to improve the sustainability and the competitiveness of his farm. So, he explored ways to adapt to changing market trends, especially  to address the increasing consumer demand for healthy, organic foods. 
In this context, the beneficiary decided to move into organic production. He used support from the Rural Development Programme to expand the farm’s activities by investing in a new sheep farm building and in equipment for animal breeding (feeding, watering and milking). 

Project results: 

The investment made milk production more efficient and cost-effective. It increased revenue and reduced the production cost. 
One new full-time job was created.
Producing high quality organic milk enabled the company to respond to increasing demand for the product and to enter a niche market.
The business maintained high environmental standards throughout the process and  also improved hygienic, veterinary, and phytosanitary conditions.