Expansion of cow stable in Denmark

A conventional dairy farmer in Denmark used RDP support to build a new stable which enabled reduced production costs and improved animal welfare conditions.

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Project summary: 

Klaus Sørensen is a conventional farmer who decided to apply for RDP support to enable his farm to remain competitive through increased capacity, reduced unit costs and improved animal welfare. This investment involved the construction of a new stable with additional space for breeding and milking cows. The new stable has the capacity of 100 livestock units (LU) of dairy cows and has 13 boxes for cows and 160 boxes for young animals.

Project results: 

Before the project, the farm had a capacity of 173 LU. An additional 126 LU were added after the investment, resulting in a total of 300 LU.
The investment improved the animal welfare conditions on the farm.
The investment helped reduce the production costs per unit, since the new stable required less labour per animal.