Expanding the visitor centre on a hazelnut farm

A French hazelnut farm used EAFRD support to develop a visitor centre, helping boost direct sales and educate citizens on hazelnut production and processing. 

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Project summary: 

A hazelnut farm in France’s Aquitaine region sought to upgrade and extend its visitor centre to improve access to children and disabled people as well as to provide more facilities. The plan also responded to a rise in overall visitors. The hazelnut farm used EAFRD funding to create an interactive educational walking tour, develop an area to watch a documentary, build a window to view the hazelnuts being processed and improve access for children and disabled people. 

Project results: 

The volume of direct sales generated by the visitor centre has doubled, with visitors attracted to the shop next door. It represents an important increase in overall farm income.

Seven people are now employed on the farm.

Since 2013, the visitor centre hosts between 100 and 300 people every day.

The development is part of a wider strategy for tourism based on local quality products. A ‘Gourmand Pass’ offers a discount in two other neighbourhood farms - the Museum of Foie Gras, and the Prune Museum.