Establishing a small cheese production plant on Hrčava Farm

A cheese-making facility was set up on the border between the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia to increase the attractiveness of the area, market local products and create new jobs for the local population.

Project summary: 

In 2013, Petr Staňo founded a small family business called Hrčava Farm, where he preserves his grandparents´ traditions, local folklore and culture and promotes traditional methods of processing and manufacturing regional products. The farm is located at the Tripoint (Trojmezí), where the borders of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland meet.

Under this investment project Mr Staňo built a small cheese production plant in 2018. Its development involved the construction of new premises and the acquisition of the equipment necessary for milk production and processing. As part of this infrastructure, a small shop was set up with its own refrigerated car, to enable direct sales and the wider delivery of the homemade cheese as well as other dairy products and regional produce. 

Project results: 

The farm shop created a platform for the marketing and sale of products made by other small producers in the Tripoint region.

Demand for the farm´s products has far exceeded expectations and the shop attracts tourists and visitors from the local area and further afield. 

This investment created jobs for the farm’s family members as well as others in the nearby community.

The project promotes cross-border cooperation based on personal relationships, exchange of experiences and makes the most of the potential offered by cross-border partners.

The farm organises educational and cultural events including workshops, talks and presentations for local elementary and nursery schools and team building activities for organisations and businesses.