Establishing a Sawn Timber Production Company in North-eastern Greece

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EAFRD funding enabled setting up a sawn timber production company in northeast Greece that employs modern equipment and contributes to the local economy by using local resources.

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Project summary: 

Measure 123 support enabled  Mr Michael Isaakidis to establish his sawn timber production company. The investor had already considerable experience on timber production. His trading company ISAAKIDIS SA, which is engaged in the marketing of timber, firewood and building materials, has enjoyed a significant presence in the Greek market for 25 years. 

Support from the rural development programme enabled the investor to carry out the construction of the buildings and buy the required equipment for the integrated woodworking plant. Infrastructure included a complete sawmill processing line, equipment for the management of wood chips, sawdust silo assembly machinery, an electronic weighbridge, hoisting equipment, a loader for handling the sawdust and computer equipment. The sawmill products produced include: 

  • Fire timber intended primarily for the construction of roofs;
  • Beech used primarily in the making of furniture and wood boards; and
  • Pin mainly used for making pallets.

The raw material for sawn timber production is  mainly sourced from the Drama regional unit and the wider region of Central and Eastern Macedonia, and Thrace. 


Project results: 

The project created a prototype integrated wood processing plant that resulted to a significant boost to the local economy and creation of jobs. 

The support received enabled the company to produce high-quality products using the latest technologies that meet the highest standards.

Eventually it is expected to deepen market penetration by further developing the customer base.