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RDP support financed the design of circular cyclist trial of 146 km across the regional park Sierra Espuña. This kind of tourism promotes local development while ensuring minimum environmental impact. 

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Project summary: 

The Regional Park Sierra Espuña has great potential for tourism. One of its features is that it offers visitors the possibility to enjoy the contrast between mountainous and forested landscapes. Nevertheless, the area was missing a dynamic element to revalorize the village and rural parishes.

The Espubike Project supported the design of a circular cyclist trial of 146 km across the park. The design of the path required the elaboration of maps, the use of altimetry graphics and developing the GPS maps. The route was designed taking into account environmental objectives and ensuring that it would have the least possible impact on the landscape. The route goes mainly across the fringe area of the Regional Park. It only gets into the core of the Park through few appropriate pathways and trails. The project also funded the development of a website and social network profile for attracting interested visitors.


Project results: 

The project boosted a sustainable type of tourism in the area.

The route supports the local economy as bikers who follow the route are potential consumers for the local business around the itinerary.