Enerterre – Fighting against energy poverty

Reducing the cost of renovation works for households lacking essential energy services by brining together local resources, including people’s skills and time.

Project summary: 

Enerterreis an association promoting the voluntary renovation of traditional houses for the benefit of people in fuel poverty. The association brings together available resources including peoples’ skills and available time, local material, etc. A key element to this approach is the fact that the renovation works are carried out by volunteers under the supervision of building professionals. 

In 2016 and 2017, 14 households were supported to undergo renovation through the supervised work of volunteers and additional 18 households received advice and information on financial support. The project promoter is the association Enerterre.

Project results: 

Enerterre enabled participating households to save on average 65.5% of the cost of renovating their homes.

Volunteers offered more than 6 000 work hours.

Enerterre generated a turnover of 60,412.00 EUR for local craftsmen.

Since November 2017, Enerterre is part of an Erasmus Plus project called ‘HELPS’. The HELPS project supports local actors in the four participating countries (Spain, Greece, Italy and France) to endorse and share the Enerterre method.