Energy, Forest and Climate Change (ENFOCC)

An inter-territorial cooperation project in Catalonia promoted the use of endogenous renewable energy and management plans contributing to climate change mitigation and adaption.

Project summary: 

11 Local Action Groups in Catalonia developed a project to promote a sustainable development model for their territories in relation to climate mitigation and adaptation.The project was developed on three-axis covering Energy Management, Forest Management and Biomass and Climate Change.

Activities included promoting the benefits of using energy plans in public buildings and review service-provision contracts, developing a software tool that allows small enterprises to monitor and optimise energy use, organising courses on biomass boilers and drafting technical guides, currying out studies and pilot projects on herd grazing as forest management tool, calculating the carbon footprint of agri-food products and exchanging, etc.

Project results: 

Energy management plans were developed in 47 towns resulting 250 000 EUR in savings. 

New business opportunities emerged for service providers to offer advice to town-halls on how to reduce municipal electricity consumption.

The impact of the ENFOCC project has been very positive and a second phase is under preparation.