Eliana bakery upgrade

A bakery in a small Aegean island used Rural Development Programme (RDP) support to modernise its workshop and expand its production capacity to provide high quality local products.

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Project summary: 

The butterfly-shaped island of Astypalea lies between the Cycladic and Dodecanese groups of islands in the middle of the Aegean sea. The barren part of the island is covered with thyme, oregano, alisfakia (Greek sage) and several other herbs. In recent years, a tourist boom on Astypalea has brought thousands of visitors from all over the world – and one reason for this is the local cuisine and traditional tastes. 

The owners of the ‘Dimitris Petridenas & Co General Partnership’ decided to take advantage of the raw materials which the island generously provides and to make traditional baked products using local recipes from the Eliana bakery. The workshop acquired new modern bakery production equipment, which significantly increased its production capacity. 

Project results: 

The bakery increased its capacity and expanded its sales to other markets throughout Greece and abroad. 

In parallel, jobs for young people have been created and new families have established themselves on the island. 

Through the promotion of Astypalean tastes, the company advertises the island with the aim of increasing tourism not only in the summer but also in the winter.