Elena and Enrica: Young custodians of rural culture and tradition in Sardinia

Young female entrepreneurs transition their family farm into a multifunctional operation promoting rural culture and tradition in Sardinia

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Project summary: 

The multifunctional farm "Sa Perda Marcada", situated close to the beautiful Costa Verde in Sardinia, has expanded its agritourism activities to include experiential, rural education workshops for tourists and local schools focused on traditional regional products and cultural heritage. Additionally, the farm has developed a brand of traditional products, made from the farm’s fertiliser- and pesticide-free durum wheat, which are marketed through an increasing presence on social media and e-commerce channels.

Project results: 

The activities being carried out under the Sa Perda Marcada project are:

1) strengthening and relaunching the family farm in a productive and multifunctional way, both through the agritourism  project, with new experiential workshops aimed at tourists and local schools, and by creating a short, controlled supply chain for products made from durum wheat grown on the farm;

2) creation of a brand for the farm’s transformed products, strengthening their digital communication and marketing and e-commerce sales. The experiential workshops of Sa Perda Marcada aim to pass on the traditional knowledge from the regional farming culture to visitors and the new generation. They also take an "edutainment" approach though, which relies on play and creativity.

Workshops offered:

  • typical regional cooking;
  • the milking laboratory, with a focus on animal welfare and connection with the animals;
  • the vegetable garden course, in which you learn how to cultivate a vegetable garden and recognise plants;
  • cheese-making and bread-making techniques; and
  • active recycling, aimed at reusing food waste.

Innovation may facilitate transformation of a traditional business into a modern multifunctional company with diversified income streams and market orientation. Increasing focus on digital communication and marketing to drive sales through e-commerce channels can contribute success.