Electric vehicle charging stations in Isperih

Setting up a centre to upgrade, produce and maintain electric vehicles and charging stations.

Project summary: 

The electric vehicle technological centre “Belectra”, was created by a small company in the region of Isperih to develop innovative technologies for the electrical propulsion of cars, which are likely to reduce the carbon footprint. The charging infrastructure necessary for using such cars at regional scale has also been set up. Awareness activities were carried out to inform the general population and in particular young people, and public authorities about the benefits of electric vehicles.

Project results: 

Five charging stations have been built between March and September 2015 in the cities of Varna, Plovdiv, Shumen, Burgas and Belogradchik.

Upon the establishment of the technological centre the company expects to gradually occupy at least 60% of the upgraded electric vehicle market and 70% of the charging stations market in the region.

Three new jobs have been created (two mechanics and one administrator).

About 500 members of the community took part in six demonstration days.

60 members participated in an exercise for assembling mini models of electric cars.

Awareness was raised to more than 1000 inhabitants of Isperih municipality, on electric mobility as a modern solution for health and environmental protection and a way of creating a contemporary and attractive image of the region.