Dreverna: using the sea’s lost treasures to make the village prosper

A village established an amber community house to offer amber workshops and promote collaboration among amber craftsmen.

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Project summary: 

Drevernos community - like many Lithuanian communities – has constantly thought about its economical viability and survival. As it is one of the oldest Lithuanian seaside communities, rich in amber craftsmen, it was decided to set up a community house, in which manufacturing of amber, workshops on amber processing and exhibitions could take place. 

The community house has been developed into a tourist attraction. Starting with a small community-driven initiative, this project strengthened the regional tourism sector as a whole.

Project results: 

Before the project was implemented, the community had only about 100 visitors per year and now they have 100 visitors per month in summer season.

The educational activities attract many young people. More than 500 people participate in the workshops every month.

There has been a number of the ripple effects, such as the establishment of new bicycle and kayak renting stations directly linked to the increase of visitors.

The project resulted created two new jobs. Furthermore, numerous tourism and other local businesses have increased their revenue.