DorfBioTop! – Enhancing local biodiversity

A LEADER project that aims to educate and support the local population, especially young people, to improve the biodiversity in the villages of the area.

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Project summary: 

The villages in the LEADER region Eifel have changed fundamentally since the 1970s, and today fewer species and biotopes can be found in and around the villages. The aim of the DorfBioTop! project is to preserve and promote the biodiversity in the villages and its surroundings. To achieve this goal, the initiative of the inhabitants is particularly important.

They are motivated to implement their own sustainable measures to protect the typical biodiversity in their villages. They are supported technically and financially by the three project sponsors and numerous cooperation partners.

Project results: 

Village associations and municipal employees were trained and cost-optimised care concepts were developed to optimise public green space maintenance.

Information events on biodiversity in gardens were held and the protection of wild bees in the settlement area was ensured; fruit tree cutting courses and village walks were organised.

Advice and support (e.g. on species protection on buildings, indigenous woody plants, organisation of plant exchange markets, valorisation of village ponds, meadow orchards, public beds and other village habitats) was provided.

The project was received an innovative and sustainable project award at the UN Decade on Biological Diversity on May 29, 2018.