Diversifying a national cultural monument into a recreation centre

unique military fortress complex, listed as the national cultural monument, was turned into an attractive recreational and relaxation centre Kortina.

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Project summary: 

With support from the rural development programme, a part of a unique military fortress complex – the Bastion of the 2nd Palatinus Line, located in Komarno – was transformed into an attractive recreational and relaxation centre Kortina.

Facilities constructed with RDP support include accommodation, two restaurants and a kitchen with technical facilities, a fitness room, a wellness area with a jacuzzi and a sauna. During the reconstruction, all landmarks of the property, which is an important historical fortification in Central Europe, were preserved.

Project results: 

A national cultural monument was reconstructed and new tourism infrastructure was developed.

16 new jobs were created.

168 accommodation places, either for individuals or families, were provided during the first year of the centre operations.

70 business events were organised.

Weddings, family events and celebrations are organised on a weekly basis.