Diversifying a farm into a golf course and bistro

LEADER funding supported the diversification of a family farm into a leisure business offering a professional golf court and a bistro with local products.

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Project summary: 

The owners decided to diversify their farm into a recreational business. In 2006 the animal barn was turned into luxury accommodation for groups of visitors. In 2010 all agricultural activities stopped and market research showed new opportunities on leisure business. At the same time visitors often asked for sports activities and catering services.

The family took those signals into account and they set up a professional golf course and a bistro where mainly regional products were offered. A landscape architect helped design the golf course in a way that it would perfectly blend with the landscape. All neighbours and other stakeholders were involved in the planning. A barn was also converted into the bistro which includes two meeting rooms. As soon as the faciliites - the bistro and golf course - were ready the family hired a professional Golf trainer and a lively golf society was established. Although the golf course is a 9 hole course of proffesional standards, is not targeted only to professionals players but also to recreational users. Throughout the entire process special attention was given to involve local suppliers.


Project results: 
  • It is a successful example of a farm diversifying into a leisure business that is economically viable and sustainable.
  • At least 20 jobs were created.
  • The facility became a meeting point for the locals thus fostering community building. 
  • A network of golf players established.
  • The number of visitors per year either for business or recreation is continuously increasing.