Diversification to non-agricultural activities on the farm Abraham

A diversified farm with a carpentry workshop, used RDP support to acquire a telescopic handler in order to improve its productivity.

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Project summary: 

The mixed production farm of Vladimir Abraham in Pardubický kraj, covers an area of almost 100 hectares and had already diversified into non-agricultural production. In the 1990s, a simple carpentry workshop was created on the farm. The production volume multiplied and over time a more efficient handler of raw materials was necessary.
RDP support was use to acquire a telescopic handler of sufficient capacity for handling the raw materials (planks, boards). As part of the project, a concrete floor was also build in one of the storage buildings making it suitable for putting together wooden house components that are produced at the workshop. 

Project results: 

The manipulation of raw materials is around six times faster. 
Labour productivity increased by 20-30% both at the workshop, as well as on site, during the final construction of the wooden houses. 
The investment enabled to expand production proportionally, which is consequently projected in the workshop’s profitability.