Development of healthy fruit and vegetable products for children

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Brand new manufacturing and packaging procedures were developed in order to produce healthy nutritional products for children from fruit and vegetables.

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Project summary: 

The aim of this project was to expand the company’s range by developing new, healthy, fruit and drink products designed for children. New technology had to be purchased and construction work had to be undertaken in order to successfully manufacture the project.
The company collaborated with the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague to develop brand new technological procedures and product formulations which modified the process and enabled the product to be packed in modified atmosphere packaging in order to extend shelf life. 

Project results: 

The project helped extend the company’s product range and improved its competitiveness by providing a wider, healthier and more attractive offer for consumers.
The new production and packaging process extends the shelf life of the products, preserves the nutritional aspects of the fruit and vegetables, while ensuring a very high level of food safety.
The products are sold in supermarkets, pharmacies, drugstores and specialised bio shops. The range of products is to be further extended by combining fruit and vegetables with cereals. 
The products are more environmentally friendly and the process does not require the use of chemicals. The packing is completely recyclable.