Developing a small beekeeping farm in Hungary

Modernisation and development of a small beekeeping farm in order to increase its profitability and its resilience to weather-associated risks.

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Project summary: 

The aim of the project was to develop and modernise a beekeeping farm as well as to increase the size of the hive in order to provide the beneficiary’s family with an adequate and secure income. In this framework, the project support helped to develop a hive system suitable for the separation of different types of honey and new bee numbers were added to the existing families. In addition, a variety of beekeeping tools were purchased and a storage space was created to store these devices and the honey properly.

Project results: 

The 38 original families increased to 63, which will be further increased to 80 over the year.

35 of the old hives were changed and new colonies set up.

An oxalic acid sublimatior was acquired to disinfect the bees in a environmentally-friendly way that is better than the  drugs that were previously used.

Calculations show that the honey production and the expected income will be doubled.