Developing a multiple service centre for the local community

An association used RDP support to redevelop the inadequate building of an old community centre into a multiple service centre covering both cultural and information needs of the local residents.

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Project summary: 

The Dr. Manga János Community Center in Rimóc was owned and operated by the local government. However, the center could was not adequate to respond to the needs of the local community. In addition the financial resources were very limited and the arrangement of the building was not adequate to hold events and organise other cultural activities.

The local association Rimóci Kobak used RDP support to redevelop the building and organise it as a multiple service centre which would operate as both a cultural centre and service and information point for local residents.


Project results: 

On average, 80 programmes are organised per year in the settlement.

The number of cooperation and joint programmes of NGOs and municipal institutions has increased.

The number of users of the Centre services and information points has increased.

2 new jobs were created.