Developing a mobile live stream application for emergency services

Developing innovative IT solutions that allow potential clients of a small company to assess the efficiency of the promoted software for emergency services.

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Project summary: 

The beneficiary produces software targeted at Danish emergency services, which allows for the streaming of emergencies e.g. to internal operations centers. However, the required hardware to test the software was expensive for clients, and existing software solutions were targeted at regular consumers and had no particular focus on ensuring that streaming delay is as low as possible.

The beneficiary received support to develop an app that was able to send and receive live video streaming on a secure and user-friendly mobile platform via mobile phone or tablet with minimal delay so that potential customers could test the technology at minimum cost.

Project results: 
  • The app was developed very much according to plan and serves the purpose of demonstrating the benefits of being able to send and receive live images during rescue operations.
  • At the end of the project one new job position was created and two new customers has purchased the application.
  • It is expected that two years after the end of the project 3 more jobs will be created, the yearly revenue will increase from EUR 53 700 to EUR 1 006 800 and the gross profit will increase as well from EUR 8000 to EUR 161 000.