Deák Mansion House

The Deák family used EAFRD support to convert a farm into a mansion house that provides services based on the old traditional rural way of life while setting up a network of local suppliers.

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Project summary: 

The village of Kakucs near Budapest had no touristic facilities. The Deák family inherited a farm which they decided to turn into a mansion house. The aimed to offer touristic services based on the old traditional rural way of life and hospitality and help pass on local traditions.

The activities carried out by the beneficiaries included connecting the farm to the electric grid, getting drinking water by drilling a well, the re-constructing the mansion. The reconstruction started in parallel to the interior design preparations which included getting the necessary furniture and equipment. The beneficiaries established their own service network. The family set up cooperation agreements with potential local suppliers and producers. This would ensure that products such as vegetables, fruits, honey and other that are produced locally would be available in the mansion.


Project results: 

Created a high standard accommodation with 8 rooms, 16 beds and an event hall with 200 seats. 

More than 20 local or neighbourhood businesses cooperate with the Deák Mansion House on a permanent basis.

The Deák Mansion House has 3 full time employees.

The increasing rate of the number of guests and visitors shows that the idea was realistic and based on real potential.