Dairy Farm with Biogas Production Unit in Romania

A Romanian company contructed of a modern dairy plant with a renewable energy production unit that uses the by-products of milk production.

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Project summary: 

In response to increasing demand for milk in Romania, the company SC Best Team Consulting SRL expanded the company's activity by establishing a dairy farm. The new farm has a dairy processing unit (to produce cheese and other dairy products) and a renewable energy unit to process the wastes arising from the dairy process (manure, waste milk, etc.) to be used in the farm.

Both project implementation and operation aimed at developing a general concept that is environmentally friendly in terms of applying the concept of sustainable development so as to provide as many benefits for the green economy and to ensure a modern and pleasant appearance of the whole enterprise.


Project results: 

The technological solutions applied helped reduce the energy consumption and wastewater production.

Animal welfare improved due to improved ventilation and reduction of insects.

The sue of manure for biogas production reduced gas emissions to almost zero.

The investment created 25 new jobs without gender discrimination since the units have separate changing lockers.

High-quality milk and dairy products are produced to meet increasing demand.

Reduced production costs and greater efficiency increased the plant's profitability and competitiveness.