Creating a game farm and demonstration site

An entrepreneur developed an innovative farming model by turning an old farm into a demonstration site where visitors can see and learn about husbandry and endemic game species.

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Project summary: 

An agricultural entrepreneur in the heart of the Hungarian Great Plain, identified a great opportunity for developing an innovative farming model. Using LEADER financial support, he created a game farm were are demonstrated an endemic game species and and innovative livestock farming.

The financial support helped the acquisition of necessary equipment for feeding and housing the animals as well as the construction of storage facilities. With the above-mentioned interesting tourism development, the company's medium-term goal was to sell game meat and create a local product from it.


Project results: 

The game population in the farm is growing and this is an indication of how well they have adapted to the conditions in the farm.

Deer husbandry serves several purposes in the farm. Fallow deer grazing helps to manage an area which would not be used for any other purposes.

Sugar beet waste is used to feed the animals and their meat is excellent for food production. This is a very good example of creating value added from using agricultural by-products.

The investment helped the family farm to move forward on sustainable farming, while preserving the diversity of the fauna and ensuring environmental security.