Cooperation in Nature conservation

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EAFRD funding helped set up associations that bring together local stakeholders with diverse interests to manage the implementation of Nature 2000 conservation rules.

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Project summary: 

Implementing nature conservation rules in Natura 2000 sites can trigger conflicts of interest between land users and conservationists. In Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, ‘Local Actions’ were set-up to bring local people from nature conservation, agriculture, tourism, business and society together to draw-up management plans for Natura 2000 areas.

Co-financed by the of Schleswig-Holstein rural development programme, they allow for a transparent, locally-designed approach to land management that helps conserve, restore and improve biodiversity.

Project results: 

There are seven active Local Actions in Schleswig-Holstein and two more are already finalised.

Local Actions have taken over planning the management of 59 Natura 2000 sites covering 42 000 hectares - around 25 % of the Natura 2000 area in Schleswig-Holstein.

Local Actions have boosted acceptance of nature conservation, and improved the quality of life for locals by allowing them to get involved.

They are regarded as an exemplary approach for the co-operative implementation of Natura 2000.