Cooperation to establish a dairy supply chain in Slovakia

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A partnership between farms and a cooperative to modernise the production of dairy products and establish their own short supply chain.

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Project summary: 

Three dairy farm businesses and a cooperative, in southern Slovakia, formed a partnership to modernise their sheep milk production and establish their own short supply chain. The partners jointly created the brand “Gemerske ovecky” to promote their sheep’s milk products, and, with support from several effectively integrated measures of the Slovakian Rural Development Programme (RDP) they financed a marketing campaign and modernised. 

Project results: 

All partners in the business grouping were able to radically improve production capacity and launch new high quality food products through their own dedicated short supply chain. The marketing strategy raised their business profile and increased their customer base by establishing a new brand. This restructuring and modernization has increased sales and improved the economic performance of all four partners.
12 new jobs have been created by the lead partner.