Converting a former vicarage into a community care centre

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Offering health and support services to elderly people and those in need by converting a former vicarage into a community care facility.

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Project summary: 

Before the project, there were no community care facilities within the Ehringshausen municipality. Although there was some provision in the immediate surroundings, places were extremely limited: leaving some local people and their families with no clear idea of when and how they would receive the help they needed. The former vicarage was converted into a community care facility and an appropriate local offer of daily care services was created. The programme offers activities such as memory training, cooking and baking, gardening, handicraft work, etc. and aims to help participants to regain and maintain everyday skills.

Project results: 

A local community care service is now available, without the need to travel long distances.

Those living with Dementia have a place where they feel comfortable and can take advantage of an adapted offer of social activities.

Physically handicapped elderly people can take a break from their usual routine and connect with others locally.

2.5 new jobs were created