Converting abandoned parish houses into tourist accommodation

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A transnational cooperation project on converting abandoned parish houses to accommodate tourists.

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Project summary: 

This is a LEADER transnational cooperation project about a secondary use concept for abandoned parish houses. Five local action groups in Austria and Germany developed together a concept and marketing strategy for renting these houses to tourists.

Each LAG identified at least one pilot house to present it as its sample object. A group of experts with stakeholders from each cooperation partner educated project partners in adapting the buildings to accommodate tourists and to promote and run these places. The next step was to develop a webpage as a common booking platform.

Project results: 
  • A short list of parish houses was developed from each participating area;
  • The development of the tourism concept had started;
  • Development and implementation of the booking platform;
  • Partners organised four excursions to other LAGs;
  • One big network event was realized.