Construction of a multisport field at Plenita Village

A small community invested in creating a multifunctional sports field to stimulate growth and increase the attractiveness of the area.

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Project summary: 

Supported by the LEADER approach, the Plenita Commune, received support for the  construction of a multisport field. The field occupies a surface of around 968 m2. It is covered with synthetic grass and enclosed by 132 m fence.

This investment will contribute to Plenita’s local authorities’ efforts to stimulate growth and promote the socio-economic sustainability of the community while generating employment and new sources of income.

Project results: 

The investment will provide new, high-quality social services and incentives for improving the general living conditions for the 6 000 local citizens of the commune.

The sports field will create new sources of income for the commune through the fees charged for events organised around the year.

Four full-time permanent jobs created to maintain the investment.