Constructing an Environmentally Friendly Manufactory Hall

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A Hungarian woodworking business used LEADER support for the construction of a new environmentally friendly manufactory hall.

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Project summary: 

The woodworking business Hungary - Holz Ltd. produces high quality interior and exterior doors, windows and conservatories. In order to cope with the increasing demand for its products the company needed a more spacious production hall. The new hall should also meet the high environmental standards of the company.

The company applied to the LAG “HAJT-A Csapat and LEADER financial support enabled the construction of the new manufactory hall. The new hall is equipped with a wood gasification boiler with high efficiency. The boiler provides heating to the new hall by using the wood waste produced during the door manufacturing process. As part of the project activities workers also received training and the combination of a more suitable production area and the improved human resources resulted to significantly increased efficiency.


Project results: 

The appropriate production hall enabled more efficient production.

The company employed 4 more workers thus today has 20 employees.

The income of the company increased by 20%.

Customers and clients can visit the new production area and see the whole manufacturing process making them more confident about the quality of the products.